United Way's Women's Leadership Council

Recognizing the Power of Women to Affect Change








Photographed: WLC member, Marianne Downie from The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. volunteering at Salvation Army's The Right Place Early Learning Center. 

United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council mobilizes the caring power of women to improve lives by addressing the critical needs in our community. When women connect around an idea to improve lives, anything is possible.

Together we:
  • Energize and inspire women to make a difference through philanthropic giving;
  • Give ‘voice’ to issues important to women and families in our neighborhoods;
  • Volunteer our time and talent; and,
  • Unite women in our community.

About United Way's Women's Leadership Council:

Founded and led by women, United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) recognizes the tremendous power and influence of women in philanthropy. Nationally,the Women’s Leadership Council began in 2000 and has raised more than one billion dollars, making it the most successful philanthropic movement of its kind. 

What We Do

Give. Advocate. Volunteer. in support of families having access to financial education resources in order to achieve financial security and children entering school ready to learn and read on grade level by the end of third grade

Locally, since 2010 members of the WLC of United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut have mobilized its members to give, advocate and volunteer by helping women and families work toward the goal of financial security. Power of the Purse, the signature, June fundraiser supports Family Financial Centers in the Hartford area working toward that goal. 

The Council capitalizes on the strength of women as philanthropists and volunteers. It offers women the opportunity to step forward and use their heart, head and hands to drive positive change in our community. We act locally, but we are part of a global network of caring women.

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“The WLC harnesses our individual and collective power to make a measurable difference." - Karmela K Malone, Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.; WLC Founding Member

Photographed (L to R): Stacey D. Stewart, U.S. President, United Way Worldwide, and Karmela K. Malone, Vice President Claim Solutions, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., at the pre-event reception for the MetroHartford Alliance’s Rising Star Breakfast in July 2013


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